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PCR #28 - Evolution of The Rock


FINALLY!! The Rock has come back...to Pop Culture Rewind!  In this "spotlight" episode, these 2 jabronies, Travis & Chris, take a look at the career of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. They start out at his early days as a pro wrestler who got some gigs on TV, which led to his first movie role, which led to his first leading role, which led him on to do so much in Hollywood that he successfully transitioned from wrestler to legit movie star.  They talk about his films he's starred in, which one's were their favorites, and which ones that nearly "doomed" his career.  If you're a fan of the actor Dwayne Johnson, or just the wrestler The Rock, this is a can't miss episode!  So check it out...if ya smell what Pop Culture Rewind is cookin'.

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