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PCR #31 - Batman Goes to the Movies, Part 2: The Dark Knight of the Nolanverse!


In this episode, we conclude our in-depth discussion of the cinematic history of Batman.  This time we pick up with Christopher Nolan's take on the franchise, bringing the Dark Knight to a newer "realistic" grounded world.  We give our thoughts on how Batman Begins changed up the mythos of the characters and how being in a grounded universe isn't necessarily a good thing.  Then we get into the fan favorite of the trilogy, The Dark Knight.  We get into some obvious flaws that may upset some people, but also talk about how & why it was so successful.  We then rip into Dark Knight Rises and pull no punches with what we think about that, with the horrible script and a reckless director.  We wrap up with a quick talk about Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and the solo Batman flick.  Oh and be sure to stay til the end for some hilarious outtakes!

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