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Pop CASTER Rewind: The Force Awakens - Part 1

January 25th, 2016

In this special edition episode, Travis joins forces with Mandy from CASTERQUEST to do a full recap on Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  They discuss parts that they liked, and then talk about some of the questionable moments in the film.  Be sure to check out part 2 where they are joined by Xavier as well.


PCR #44 - 2015 Rewind Extravaganza!

January 18th, 2016

In this episode, Travis & Xavier break down all the happenings that took place in pop culture in 2015.  They first start out by doing a quick review on all the top and worst films of the year; which ones had the biggest impact, the biggest flops, and their personal favorites.  From there they take a look at some interesting documentaries that came out as well as highlighting the great year women in pop culture had this year. They take a look at some of the hot TV shows that either debuted, returned, or ended throughout the year.  Also, they spend a few minutes reflecting on which celebrities passed away and finally wrap things up with a look at some of the major headlines in the entertainment world. They got everything covered for you in this episode, so hit the download button, check it out, and don't forget to leave a review.  Pop your culture!


PCR #43 - Tarantino Unchained: Volume 2

January 10th, 2016

In this episode, Xavier & Travis conclude their spotlight on Quentin Tarantino.  They discuss Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, and then do a quick preview for Hateful Eight.  After that, they rank their favorite Tarantino films, from top to bottom.  They wrap things up by reading out actual listener responses of their favorite Tarantino films!  It's a bingo!!!


PCR #43 - Tarantino Unchained: Volume 1

January 3rd, 2016

In this episode, Xavier and Travis don their best black suits, open up the trunk and dive into the mad world of famed filmmaker & screenwriter, Quentin Tarantino!  In this first part of two, they take a look at his early career of getting into the biz, selling scripts, and making films.  They give their thoughts on True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction, as well as other films such as Natural Born Killers and From Dusk Til Dawn.  They also take a look at the incredible soundtracks he uses in his films, some of the memorable lines that became part of pop culture, his weird fascination with feet, and his foray into acting.  They got everything here from a diddled-eye joe to damned if I know.


PCR #42 - The Nostalgia Strikes Back

December 23rd, 2015

A short time ago, in a recording room far, far away.....

Travis & Xavier are back as they look back at the original trilogy of the Star Wars universe!  They start off by remembering what the franchise means to them, their first memories, how it's impacted their lives as kids and as adults.  They then break down the original trilogy of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.  They take a look at the characters, cast, settings, music, all while trying to not let the "Special Editions" get in the way of the classics.  They take a look at some good fan theories, the Star Wars Vs Star Trek fandoms, and try to figure out how everyone understands alien languages.  Who really played Darth Vader?  Do Droids have souls?  How awkward was it when Luke & Leia kissed?  What all does Vader choke?  They also rip into the prequels and try to find any redeeming qualities from them (spoilers: they don't find any).  Also, listen as Xavier starts to break down into an emotional mess as he recollects the most heartbreaking death in the entire series.  If you're a Star Wars fan, you definitely don't want to miss this one!  May the Force be with you!

PCR #41 - Trailerpalooza 2: Trailer Harder!

December 15th, 2015

The gang's all here for this week's Weekly Rewind as Travis, X, and even Chris show up to talk about all the huge movie trailers that's been dropping all at the same time.  Movies discussed are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Star Trek Beyond.  Is Casey Jones a member of Slipknot?  How can there even be an X-Men movie without Wolverine (say whaaat?!)?  What's the supporting cast of ID4 been up to for the last 20 years?  And how can Star Trek really be Star Trek without any lens flares?  Find out the answers to all these and more in this episode!  Check it out and enjoy!


PCR #40 - Weekly Rewind: Walking Dead Season 6 Mid Season Review

December 10th, 2015

In this installment of our "Weekly Rewind", we cover the current season of Walking Dead up until the "mid season finale".  We talk about zombie herds, Rick's crafty plan, Carol being a badass, creepy kids, Morgan's value of life, Coral not being so bad anymore, and the meaning of the word "irony".  Before all that, we open up with a quick review of the second Batman v Superman trailer, or as we like to call it, the abridged version of the movie.  Enjoy!


PCR #39 - The Askewed View of Kevin Smith

December 3rd, 2015

On our 39th episode (in a row?), Travis & Xavier do a spotlight on the View Askewniverse!  What is the View Askewniverse you might ask?  It’s the brilliant collection of films from Kevin Smith that became well known for the witty, sharp humor, controversial moments, and the interconnectivity between all of them that made this cinematic shared universe a cult classic.  They discuss what impact these films had on them growing up, some of the stars that appeared in them, the soundtracks, the topics, the language, and of course…Jay and Silent Bob!  Hit the download button, check it out, and tell us your favorite View Askew moment!  Snoogins!


PCR #38 - Weekly Rewind: Jessica Jones Review

November 30th, 2015

In this "Weekly Rewind" episode, Travis & Xavier talk about the new Netflix hit series, Jessica Jones.  We apologize about the audio quality for this episode.  It's been cleaned up the best it could be, so hopefully you're able to understand everything during the conversation.  Enjoy!


PCR #37 - Creepy Tales From the Podcast Zone

November 11th, 2015

Hello kiddies!  On this episode, Travis & X go to the darkside as they take on horror movie anthologies!  They talk about the more recent movies that are keeping the genre going like Trick'r Treat, ABC's of Death, and the VHS series, but really focus on the greats from the 80s & 90s as they review the tales from the movies like Creepshow 1 and 2, Tales From the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Cat's Eye, and more!  There were quite a few tv shows as well.  Do you remember when Freddy Krueger got into the anthology game?  How long did the Hitchhiker run for?  Of course they talk about the godfather of anthologies, the Twilight Zone!  They wrap it up with a quick mention of the Outer Limits which leads into a wonderful discussion about Alyssa Milano!  But before they get to all that, they give some quick shout outs and then give their in-depth review of the series premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead!

Plus, find out what really scares X!


PCR #36 - Back to the Commentary

October 21st, 2015

Hey buttheads!  In this episode we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic film, Back to the Future!  In 1985, Robert Zemeckis brought us a film that changed the way we look at time travel.  Things get heavy as we discuss the impact the franchise has had on pop culture over the years, as well as the cast, crew, characters, the fashion, and of course all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff (that's right I said it).  So grab your Pepsi Perfect, put up your hover board, undo those power laces on your NeeKays and load up your copy of the movie as we do our own running commentary while we watch it!


PCR #35 - Not Another Teen Podcast

September 29th, 2015

In this episode, the X-Man takes up the hosting duties as Xavier & Travis talk about teen movies from the 90s!  Back in the 90s, Hollywood started releasing a bunch of teen movies that involved several up-and-coming actors, written and directed by some great talents as well.  It just so happened that Travis & X were both in the exact age demographic as when these movies came out, so they are counting down the top 10 films from that era, discussing the actors, characters, the clothing, the attitudes, and how the world was so different just a short time ago.  What's an atlas anyways?  Also, what's their personal favorites out of the list?  What characters are the most unlikable?  Which movie had the best soundtrack?  What are the '10 things that Xavier hates about a certain movie'?  Hit the download button to find out!


PCR #34 - Cruise Control

September 15th, 2015

We go on an impossible mission in this episode because we have a need....a need for Tom Cruise!  In this new spotlight episode, we take a look back at his career from the early 80s with his hits like Top Gun, Risky Business, Color of Money, & Outsiders.  We also discuss his films from the 90s like A Few Good Men, Interview With a Vampire, Jerry Maguire, & Magnolia which really helped shape his career, along with a little indie flick called Mission Impossible.  Of course you can't have an episode on Tom Cruise and NOT mention his antics over the years, so we get into couch hopping and a thing called Scientology.  We also take a look at films such as Last Samurai, Collateral, Vanilla Sky, and Edge of Tomorrow.  You don't have to look far & away for anything else, so sit back with a nice cocktail with your eyes wide shut, and enjoy the show!


PCR #33 - Evolution of the X-Men (Part 2)

September 1st, 2015

The conclusion to our huge 2-part review of the X-Men cinematic universe!  Travis & Professor X pick up right where they left and start with the first Wolverine solo film.  They go back & forth with the pros and cons of that film, as well as discussing if that one is better or worse than X-Men The Last Stand.  They then move right along to the next stage of the franchise, First Class, which introduced a whole new cast & characters to the series.  They wrap up by covering the next Wolverine film & what went wrong with that one, then with the most recently released film which set to totally reboot the whole franchise, Days of Future Past.  Stay tuned to the end, we've included thoughts on what's been released so far for X-Men: Apocalypse and the Deadpool movies.  This is another fun one, so if you're a fan of the X-Men movies or not, check it out and leave a comment to tell us how we did!


PCR #32 - Evolution of the X-Men (Part 1)

August 18th, 2015

Travis and the Professor X himself are back with another huge breakdown of a movie franchise, this time it's the X-Men cinematic universe!  In this first part (of two), they go into the cast, characters, costumes, plots, deaths, and directors of X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: Last Stand.  They may even mention Wolverine once or twice.  Find out what they liked the most, what they liked least, and what they would have liked to have seen in the films but didn't.  So hit the download button, check it out, and come back here for the next episode where they wrap everything up!


PCR #31 - Batman Goes to the Movies, Part 2: The Dark Knight of the Nolanverse!

August 4th, 2015

In this episode, we conclude our in-depth discussion of the cinematic history of Batman.  This time we pick up with Christopher Nolan's take on the franchise, bringing the Dark Knight to a newer "realistic" grounded world.  We give our thoughts on how Batman Begins changed up the mythos of the characters and how being in a grounded universe isn't necessarily a good thing.  Then we get into the fan favorite of the trilogy, The Dark Knight.  We get into some obvious flaws that may upset some people, but also talk about how & why it was so successful.  We then rip into Dark Knight Rises and pull no punches with what we think about that, with the horrible script and a reckless director.  We wrap up with a quick talk about Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and the solo Batman flick.  Oh and be sure to stay til the end for some hilarious outtakes!


PCR #30 - Batman Goes to the Movies, Part 1: Burton & Bat-Nipples

July 21st, 2015

Question: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?  We ask that of our listeners...we just like the sound of it.  In this episode, we take a look back at the history of Batman on the big screen.  So that means we take a look at the classic 1989 Tim Burton film that revolutionized the comic book movie genre, and his follow-up sequel Batman Returns.  After our in-depth discussion about those films, we can only go up from there as we talk about Bat-nipples, one-liners, and ice puns as we tear into the Joel Schumacher 'classics' Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.  Before all that though, we get a bit campy as we talk about the very first Batman movie that shaped the way a whole generation viewed the Caped Crusader.  It's a doozy of an episode, so get ready to 'pop your culture'!


PCR #29 - Terminator’s Genesis

July 7th, 2015

We've had enough talk about all this Terminator: Genisys stuff, so in this episode Travis & X decide to rewind back to the real genesis of the Terminator franchise and review the 1984 classic film.  They go in depth about the cast, James Cameron, plot, special effects, and of course the timeline and effects of time travel as they watch the movie at the same time.  They also talk a little about T2, Rise of the Machines, Salvation, and Genisys.  So bust out your copy of the film or go stream it on Netflix, and follow along as we do audio commentary for The Terminator!!


PCR #28 - Evolution of The Rock

June 30th, 2015

FINALLY!! The Rock has come back...to Pop Culture Rewind!  In this "spotlight" episode, these 2 jabronies, Travis & Chris, take a look at the career of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. They start out at his early days as a pro wrestler who got some gigs on TV, which led to his first movie role, which led to his first leading role, which led him on to do so much in Hollywood that he successfully transitioned from wrestler to legit movie star.  They talk about his films he's starred in, which one's were their favorites, and which ones that nearly "doomed" his career.  If you're a fan of the actor Dwayne Johnson, or just the wrestler The Rock, this is a can't miss episode!  So check it out...if ya smell what Pop Culture Rewind is cookin'.


PCR #27 - To PIXAR and Beyond!

June 18th, 2015

It's the meeting of the minds as Travis, Chris and Xavier finally get together for the first time in this awesome episode!  This time, they look back at the beginnings of Pixar and how they got to be where they are now.  They breakdown & review of each of their films, in chronological order and discuss what they liked, what they hated, and what made them cr--what made them get something in their eye.  They also talk about bloopers, shorts, and box office records, and wrap up by naming their own personal top 5 Pixar films.  This is a good one, so check it out & enjoy!


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