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PCR #122 - Bad Boys….For Life!


Whatcha gonna do, when Travis and X talk all about BAD BOYS? They start the conversation off by explaining why the 1995 movie means so much to them and then breaks down their favorite parts of the film and goes into discussion on the key plot points, being the first movie directed by Michael Bay and how that affects the overall feel of the franchise, and then breaks down the cast and characters. They switch gears for the 2003 follow-up film, Bad Boys II. Their opinions start to diverge a little on what they like and dislike, but do have some complaints that they share about the film that should’ve ended the franchise. That gets them to the newest flick, Bad Boys For Life, and they give their full spoiler-filled review of the film. They talk about the changes (or lack thereof) to the characters over the course of 17 years, the new cast of characters introduced, and where the series goes from here. They wrap up by ranking all three films from their favorite to worst. The results might be surprising. So sit back, have a Coke and a smile, and enjoy!

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