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PCR #135 - 2020 Rewind: Pop Goes the Culture


Final episode!  That's right, we're wrapping up the show along with our recap of 2020.  We talk about the biggest thing to ever hit pop culture like never before: COVID-19.  We go into how it's affected our lives, the movie industry, and everything in between (including what type of zombies Travis thinks we'll turn into).  We then talk about some of the movies that did manage to actually see this year, and how we watched them.  We talk about some of the other headlines, TV shows we watched, and some of the celebrities we lost this year.  After that, we talk about why the show is ending and what the future holds for PCR.  Thank you to all of our listeners and anyone who's helped out with the show, we had a good time! 

And of course, always remember to pop...your...culture!

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