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PCR #34 - Cruise Control


We go on an impossible mission in this episode because we have a need....a need for Tom Cruise!  In this new spotlight episode, we take a look back at his career from the early 80s with his hits like Top Gun, Risky Business, Color of Money, & Outsiders.  We also discuss his films from the 90s like A Few Good Men, Interview With a Vampire, Jerry Maguire, & Magnolia which really helped shape his career, along with a little indie flick called Mission Impossible.  Of course you can't have an episode on Tom Cruise and NOT mention his antics over the years, so we get into couch hopping and a thing called Scientology.  We also take a look at films such as Last Samurai, Collateral, Vanilla Sky, and Edge of Tomorrow.  You don't have to look far & away for anything else, so sit back with a nice cocktail with your eyes wide shut, and enjoy the show!

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