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PCR #35 - Not Another Teen Podcast


In this episode, the X-Man takes up the hosting duties as Xavier & Travis talk about teen movies from the 90s!  Back in the 90s, Hollywood started releasing a bunch of teen movies that involved several up-and-coming actors, written and directed by some great talents as well.  It just so happened that Travis & X were both in the exact age demographic as when these movies came out, so they are counting down the top 10 films from that era, discussing the actors, characters, the clothing, the attitudes, and how the world was so different just a short time ago.  What's an atlas anyways?  Also, what's their personal favorites out of the list?  What characters are the most unlikable?  Which movie had the best soundtrack?  What are the '10 things that Xavier hates about a certain movie'?  Hit the download button to find out!

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