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PCR #52 - Alien Saga Spotlight Part 2: Aliens & Convicts & Clones–Oh My!!


In this continuation of our huge ALIEN franchise spotlight, Travis & Xavier go deep into the controversial Alien 3 along with the fourth installment of the original series, Alien Resurrection!  They take a look at all the behind the scene production drama from Alien 3, and the differences between the theatrical & production cuts and try to make sense of why they killed off certain characters.  They also ask the really important question: Does Ripley look good bald?!  After that, we make a case for whether or not Alien Resurrection is a good film or not.  With Joss Whedon attached it can’t be bad, right?  Ripley’s got hair again & acting strange, Ron Perlman wants to get in her pants, and the xenomorphs can communicate and swim now.  Oh, and its got Winona, so it’s gotta be good, right?  Hit the download button and find out!  Our huge spotlight continues next week as we cover the AVP films!

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