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PCR #54 - Alien Saga Spotlight Part 4: ProMEHtheus


In this episode, we conclude our spotlight on the Alien movie franchise by covering the 2012 film, Prometheus.  In what was supposed to be a quasi-not-so-much-prequel to Alien, Ridley Scott takes us back to the world of space exploration, evil corporations, and alien lifeforms that like to kill.  We break down what worked and what didn’t work, the cast and characters involved, and what the point of the movie is all about, or at least we try.  After that, Xavier gives a good breakdown of the original script and how much different (better) it was than what we got.  Travis gives a rundown of how well all the Alien films did at the box office, and then read out a few of our listener’s favorite Alien films.  This is an awesome finale to our spotlight, so check it out and enjoy!

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