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PCR #96 - Transformers: More Than Meets the Movie


The 1986 animated classic, Transformers: The Movie, was released for one day only and Travis and Chris were out in full force to watch it! In this episode, they talk about how this showing came to be, when they got their tickets, getting some freebies, the special features that played before and after the movie, how the video, audio, and how the overall presentation was. What was the best moment or scene to them, and what got the best reactions from the other moviegoers? What was awkward about the post-movie feature? They also talk about the upcoming Bumblebee movie by breaking down that awesome trailer that was just released showcasing a more nostalgic take on the live action franchise. Where does the franchise go from here? There are some new G1 classic toys that are starting to pop up, which ones and are they buying them? Find out how many versions of Transformers: The Movie does Travis own? Find out in this fun little episode!

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