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PCR #97 - Jurassic Rewind: Fallen Franchise


In this episode, Travis is joined by a special returning co-host so they can breakdown the latest film in the Jurassic Park franchise, Fallen Kingdom! There were several flaws throughout the movie and they’re here to pick them all apart. They spend a little time talking about the previous films and the successes of each one, then do a breakdown of Fallen Kingdom starting with an overly complicated opening sequence, a ripped off title card, a gratuitous cameo, returning characters who act completely different from the last movie, useless sidekicks, predictably bad villains, lazy plots we’ve seen before, a terrible attempt at nostalgia feels, a lame subplot, an even more overly complicated scheme by the villains, trying to figure out how manly Chris Pratt’s character is, finding out dinosaurs have emotions, raptors who know how to do dramatic saves, and an ending that doesn’t bode well for mankind. So if you’ve seen Fallen Kingdom and had some questions, if you’ve liked it, or if you hated it, this is the episode for you.

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