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SNEEK PEAK: Wrestling Relapse


And now for something completely different.....

We'll be doing a second podcast, with the same format as PCR, just focusing on wrestling.  If you've ever been a fan, please give it a listen.  If you're not a fan, we'll still have episodes of PCR coming out as well (but feel free to download this anyways ;)).

In this pilot episode of Wrestling Relapse, our hosts Travis and Chris think back about what originally got them hooked into the sport of wrestling and what has made them stay to this day. Do you remember what got you hooked? When you went to your first live event? Were you WWF or WCW?? We talk about all that and wrap up by teasing some of the things we’ll be doing in upcoming episodes.
If you’ve ever been a wrestling fan as a kid, got into it as an adult, or just been a diehard lifer like us, then hit the subscribe button and download this episode!
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